Spinal Correction A Maximized Living Makeover Story

28 is Too Young to Give Up!

Before I met the Maximized Living team, I was really struggling. My health appeared to be on a permanent downhill slide.

It started as a teen when I developed severe migraine headaches . Then, at age 19 I became depressed. No wonder! Can you imagine how debilitating those headaches were? And none of the drugs seemed to help.

The next blow came when I developed rheumatoid arthritis at 26. I had just given birth to beautiful twin boys. The joint pain was horrible. Not only could I not lose the weight I gained in pregnancy, but also the drugs, depression, and inability to exercise caused me to pack it on. At 27 years old, I hit my max weight of 240 pounds.

My low point came in June 2008, when I was taking two types of antidepressants, along with Prednisone (a steroid), several anti-inflammatory pills, Methotrexate, and at least one Vicodin per week for my headaches. I had tried everything that medical doctors offered me, but they couldn't fix my problems. All those drugs were just treating my symptoms. But I still felt awful, and the weight just wouldn't come off. The worst part was that I really needed to feel well. If you’ve had kids, you know that running after a toddler is hard enough. Try doubling that and doing it with 100 extra pounds and constant joint pain, migraines, and depression to boot! Without the sweet smiles on those two little faces, I don't know how I would have gotten out of bed.

Up to that point, I never thought about seeing a chiropractor before. In fact, I was a little bit nervous. But the chiropractor explained everything to me, and it made complete sense.

I was looking for relief from my joint pain, headaches and depression, but I had no idea that he would help me lose weight, too. I started the diet program at 227 pounds, and in only eight months, I lost 54 pounds. Now, I never miss my chiropractic appointments, I follow the Advanced Eating Plan religiously, and I follow the exercise plan to a "T."

Even more exciting to me is the fact that I no longer take a single medication. Not one! I don't suffer anymore from rheumatoid arthritis, depression or migraines. I am back to the person I was made to be. Their motto was right: My body didn't need any help, just no interference.

I would not be where—or who—I am today if not for the Maximized Living program .

Story originally printed in "Cruise Ship of Nursing Home: The 5 Essentials of a Maximized Life"; Shared courtesy of Stefanie Shawn-Gentry.

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