The Change You Want To See A Maximized Living Makeover Story

The Five Essential Keys to Happiness

I am here to tell you there really is hope out there. I am living proof. Maximized Living pulled me out of a deep pit of depression. They saved my life, my job, and my family.

I can’t begin to tell you how miserable my life had become. It seems so far away now. Back then, I suffered (and I mean suffered) from severe depression, serious weight problems (298 pounds), anxiety, insomnia, and sleep apnea. I spent three hundred dollars a month on medications and at least another three hundred dollars per month on psychotherapy and 12-step programs.

But worst of all, I always wanted to be alone.

Any kind of social interaction made me want to crawl into a hole. As outlets for my anxiety, I developed dangerous addictions, primarily to tobacco and alcohol. All of this made me truly hate myself. I felt so worthless that I could barely look my wife and kids in the face, so I didn’t spend any time with them. You can imagine how rejected that made them feel. We were falling apart as a family. On top of that, I was losing my job. I was only 35.

Maximized Living rescued me.

After attending some events, I learned about the 5 Essentials and decided that it was time to make a change. My family was worth it! I went on the Advanced Eating Plan for two weeks, then I did a cellular cleansing for two weeks.

Pretty soon I had switched to grass-fed, not grain-fed, beef. I started eating breakfast and lunch instead of just dinner and stopped putting sugar in my coffee. We banned sodas from our house and installed a water filtration system instead. I threw out our non-organic cleaners and replaced all of our plastic containers with glass. I wanted to make our lives over completely.  The result of all this? I lost 40 pounds in 90 days and another 30 in the next six months. That really lifted my mood. Soon I was able to break off my alcohol and tobacco addictions entirely. I even stopped all the mood and pain medications. I don’t need them anymore. That is a miracle to me. I am depression-free!

As I lost all the old bad habits, I gained hope and happiness. I actually play with my kids now and plan family outings. I haven’t used my sleep apnea machine in months. My concentration has improved dramatically and the social anxiety is much better. The funny thing is, I actually eat more now than I did when I weighed almost 300 pounds. The difference is that now I eat well without gaining weight. Soon I will start surge training with the goal of losing another 30 pounds. I totally believe I will succeed. Life looks good to me now!

But that’s not all. My family follows the 5 Essentials and we are healthier than I ever thought we could be. Our lives are 100 percent different than they were a year ago—and 100 percent better.

That's why I say Maximized Living saved my life.

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